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Reservations and Information: (+351) 213 150 500*

Customer code of conduct

Paradise Lisbon SPA is very proud to provide our customers with a unique service in a modern space with excellent conditions in Lisbon city center. 

For the benefit of our customers, and the service provided by the SPA, we request that this code of conduct be observed and fully respected:

1-Each of our massages is special and is an erotic experience designed to be received and appreciated by the customer. Please let the therapist do her job at ease and simply enjoy and relax with a wonderful massage.

2-Always respect the personal will of each professional and his instructions, not exceeding the boundaries defined by our SPA and the therapist. 

3-Our therapists are dedicated and trained massage professionals. They are not prostitutes, nor do they provide any kind of sexual services. We ask the professional pride of the therapists be respected and that the customer refrain from requesting any additional sexual services, as this request will not be satisfied.

4-Paradise Lisbon SPA provides all the hygiene care of its facilities with its own disinfectants. Therapists will maintain a perfect hygiene and take a shower before and after each massage.

5-The client must maintain a perfect personal hygiene, being mandatory to take a shower before the massage. The better the hygiene, the better the massage therapist’s involvement and greater her desire to provide an extraordinary customer experience.

For Paradise Lisbon SPA it’s important that this code of conduct is fully respected. We respectfully ask all customers, to maintaining a perfect hygiene record and a fully respectable behavior, to be able to access our services and enjoy our massages and facilities.

 Reservations and Information:

(+351) 213 150 500*